About Us

Hi there! Our names are Giovanna (Gio) and Tanya and here is a bit about ourselves, our journey and what we are excited to bring to our customers as we embark on this journey of bringing Terra Cactus to you. 

We are sisters who have always shared a love for all things fashion, design and business. We owe that to our mother. Growing up, you could often find us sitting with her at her sewing machine watching her create a masterpiece out of fabrics she hand picked. Saturday trips to the LA Fashion District were part of our weekend routine and seeing her in her element, sourcing and negotiating was invigorating! If you are lucky enough to know our mom, you know where our hustle and work ethic comes from. We are orginally from California and have called Arizona home for over 15 years now.

If you were to get a glimpse into our text messages, you will most likely find the following: 

1. "Want to hang out?" (we're besties and always together)

2. "Send me your Starbies order!"(coffee is the way to our heart)

3. "What do you think of this? [sends picture]" (clothes, furniture, makeup, jewelry etc. we're each other's go-to for brutally honest answers)

4. "Shopping trip?" (meaning we need girl time... even if it's just a trip to Target)

From planning and executing elaborate parties together, creating mood boards for home decor, following the latest fashion trends and catching each other up on the latest gossip... we are sisters who are following our dream of launching a women's clothing boutique.

To us, Terra Cactus is an homage to both our culture and the place we call home. Our goal is to provide women of all ages and body types a place where they feel included, seen and heard through sourcing pieces that will make them feel like the best version of themselves. We are so excited to share our journey and bring you along for the ride!